There are tons of websites that provide free HD movies to its users but TamilRockers and MovieRulz are the two most popular among all. MovieRulz is a website that is known for providing free HD prints of latest movies to its users. This website contains movies in several languages such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

All the movies that MovieRulz uploads are illegally uploaded and made available to the public for downloading. This action causes loss of crores to the makers of a film because people do not go to theatres to watch latest movies. Instead, They download the latest movies on their mobile phone from MovieRulz and other similar websites and watch it without paying anything.

Over the years, Movierulz.com has become a well-known website among people who like to watch free movies. The most important reason for Movierulz’s success is the availability of the content. This website has something for everyone. If you love to watch Hollywood movies then you can find all the latest Hollywood movies in HD prints on Movie rulz website. Similarly, you can get all latest Bollywood and Tollywood also on Movierulz website.

The Indian government is constantly trying to block websites like Movie Rulz. But somehow, MovieRulz.com and other pirated websites surface again & again. To stop piracy actors and filmmakers have taken the matter in their own hands. You can see a lot of celebrities raising their voice against piracy because the film industry will collapse completely if people stop watching movies in theatres.

Movie rulz offers the latest movies in HD prints and HD cam format. The good quality of movies is also another major reason for this website’s growing popularity. Even if the government bans the Movierulz website then it will go live again with a different domain name or domain extension. People use VPN or proxy websites to access these pirated content providing websites.

The only way to reduce piracy is by bringing awareness among people. If people know the consequences of piracy on the entertainment industry then they will try their best to reduce it. We will have to tell people about the effects of using pirated websites on the entertainment industry. if people keep using Movierulz and other websites that provide HD movies or other similar content for free then piracy will just increase instead of going down.

All the information that we have provided about Movie Rulz is for educational purpose only. We do not support, promote piracy in any manner. We are highly against the piracy and pirated content providing websites and We do not recommend MovieRulz.com website to anyone.

Say No To Piracy & Don’t Visit Any Extensions Of Movierulz List Provided Below.

  1. Movierulz.in
  2. Movierulz.mx
  3. Movierulz.gd
  4. Movierulz.to
  5. Movierulz.to
  6. Movierulz.com
  7. Movierulz.at
  8. Movierulz.vs
  9. www.movierulz.tu



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