28  Sep

5G Technologies Masterclass, 9 October 2017

One organisation in NI is enabling the telecom industry to move forward on 5G, it is the Centre for Wireless Innovation (CWI) at ECIT (Queen’s University Belfast), so we have partnered with CWI to bring you this exclusive and memorable lunchtime ‘free’ masterclass about the research for technologies that will build the foundations for the fifth generation of cellular...

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23  Jun

The Mobile Academy Belfast celebrates its second round of graduates

Over the past six weeks, a group of design, sales and IT professionals from Northern Ireland have attended the Mobile Academy Belfast in order to gain a more in-depth knowledge of business, design and technology which will enable them to develop their careers in the mobile ecosystem. Devised in London, this intensive 30-hour course was localised and curated in 2016 by Mobile Monday Belfast, and...

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02  Apr

The Mobile Academy Belfast 10 May-14 June 2017

Mobile Monday Belfast and Ulster University (School of Computing) are launching the Mobile Academy course in Belfast on 10th May 2017. This unique CPD programme was created by University College London and MoMo London for entrepreneurs, project managers, designers, technologists and marketers impacted by mobile in their work and business. Hear what our Belfast 2016 alumni had to say about last...

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01  Dec

Amazon App Store, 8 Dec. 2015

Amazon is one of the four behemoths of the web, and their impact on Mobile is severe too. We were talking to them at the Mobile World Congress last March, and we’re delighted to have secured their commitment to come to MoMo Belfast on 8th December 2015. They will share with you the secret sauce of the Amazon App Store and how to profit from this huge marketplace. You’ll also get an...

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01  Nov

Mobile UX Masterclass, 2 Nov. 2015

We’re delighted to take part in the Belfast Design Week 2015, and to offer you on 2nd November 2015  a masterclass in mobile user experience (UX); this is a once-in-a-decade chance so don’t miss it. Making changes on mobile UX can be a tricky process, especially if you come from a web background. In mobile, developers have more constraints, including screen real estate, attention...

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01  Sep

Makers & Mobile, 21 Sept. 2015

Makers were on the margins of the tech community for a long time but have now moved into the mainstream. Many factors have contributed, from technological progress to cost reductions in electronics manufacturing on a small scale, though the largest impact comes from the resurgence of the community itself. This is a community that celebrates learning, freely sharing ideas about electronics,...

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16  Mar

MWC Debrief, 16 March 2015

No less than 93,000 professional visitors this year at the Mobile World Congress, so big and wide-ranging that it has become the global show for connectivity. If you missed it, you missed out on what will happen in the industry this year, so come and join us, we’ve invited NI attendees, like Brian Douglas at Coding Fury, Eddie Morgan at Swoodle (by DisplayNote Technologies), David...

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10  Nov

Mobile Payments, 24 Nov. 2014

Have you paid for stuff with your iPhone and Apple Pay yet? It’s expected to revolutionise how people pay for goods and services from their smartphone. Let’s discuss this! We’ve invited companies with a presence in NI – Cybersource & Bitnet – who will tell us their version of mobile payments (cross-channel and Bitcoin), and we’re kindly hosted by Ulster...

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17  Sep

Wearables, 29 Sept 2014

Were you glued to your screen during Apple’s recent livestream that launched the Apple Watch? This was only the latest in a fast-expanding pool of wearable devices that will one day topple the smartphone off its pedestal (our prediction here at MoMo). Are you ready to leverage the opportunities offered by this nascent market, with apps, platforms, APIs? Some local companies (in NI) already...

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12  Jun

Mind The Gap, 23 June 2014

Closing the Expectation Gap when Working with Mobile App Developers. Many of local start-up founders planning to launch a mobile business have had their frustrations while working with mobile app developers. How can this relationship be made smoother for both sides? We’ve invited a panel of experts (developers & founders) to discuss the importance of managing expectations when growing a...

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