Makers & Mobile, 21 Sept. 2015

Makers were on the margins of the tech community for a long time but have now moved into the mainstream. Many factors have contributed, from technological progress to cost reductions in electronics manufacturing on a small scale, though the largest impact comes from the resurgence of the community itself. This is a community that celebrates learning, freely sharing ideas about electronics, robotics, craft, metalworking, woodworking, and above all their passion. Some of them have also embedded mobile tech into their product, and this is what we celebrate at our event.




Join us – registration free but required – to celebrate the local NI makers BrewBotSeeSenseand WIA (new platform for makers/IoT). They will show you how they integrated mobile tech into their fantastic inventions. And the folks at Brewbot are welcoming us in their world’s first pub on the Ormeau Road, so that you can enjoy the great taste of craft beer and never return to “industrial” beer ever after!

See you all soon,

Norbert, Colm & Jerry.



September 21st 2015

5:30PM – 10:30PM



Brewbot Bar

451 Ormeau Road, Belfast, BT7 3GQ





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