Amazon App Store, 8 Dec. 2015

Amazon is one of the four behemoths of the web, and their impact on Mobile is severe too.

We were talking to them at the Mobile World Congress last March, and we’re delighted to have secured their commitment to come to MoMo Belfast on 8th December 2015. They will share with you the secret sauce of the Amazon App Store and how to profit from this huge marketplace.

You’ll also get an overview from our colleague Colm Hayden into AWS’ bundle of mobile-specific services, e.g. device farm, mobile hub, API gateway, …

Register below for free (required) for this unique opportunity to hear about the biggest App Store after iTunes and G-Play, from Lauren Stark and Mario Viviani experts from the Amazon App Store (and Mario will bring with him the beta version of a new Amazon device for home streaming!

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