5G Technologies Masterclass, 9 October 2017

One organisation in NI is enabling the telecom industry to move forward on 5G, it is the Centre for Wireless Innovation (CWI) at ECIT (Queen’s University Belfast), so we have partnered with CWI to bring you this exclusive and memorable lunchtime ‘free’ masterclass about the research for technologies that will build the foundations for the fifth generation of cellular networks.

CWI_QUB for MoMoBel.jpg

5G is still in the early stages of development, expected to launch commercially in 2020 – it will be far superior to 4G in every way, as it is being designed to provide huge capacity and deliver extremely fast data speeds to support a wide range of innovative new services across all industries. Standardisation is not set yet, as scientists grapple with huge technological challenges like inter-cell intereference and traffic management (between human and machine-to-machine communication).

Join us for this one-of-a-kind, free masterclass at ECIT in the Titanic Quarter.


12:00 Registration & Networking lunch

12:20 Introduction – Norbert Sagnard, MoMo Belfast & CWI

12:30 CWI and 5G Research – Prof. William Scanlon, CWI

12:40 MIMO and its impact in 5G networks – Dr. Michalis Matthaiou, CWI

13:00 Waveforms and ultra-dense communications in 5G – Dr. Youngwook Ko, CWI

13:20 Q&A Panel – Prof. Scanlon, Drs. Matthaiou & Ko

13:30 End

Register here now, as attendance for the class is limited.

Come either by bus nr. 26a/b/c or bicycle (there’s a shed) or park your car on the left after the barriers in the Visitors bays at ECIT (turn right after entering the NISP campus, behind the White Star House).

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