Best Data Recovery Services for Hard Drive in 2020

Best Data Recovery Services for Hard Drive in 2020

Many people have heard about data recovery services, but it is still rather mysterious for most consumers and small business owners. Is it always expensive? Can they ensure 100% recovery? Should I choose data recovery service from the very first instead of other options? Don’t worry. In this article, all your concerns will be elaborated and you will get a list of best data recovery services for hard drive in 2020.

Best Data Recovery Services.

Part 1. Different Solutions of Data Recovery

Don’t worry when you lost important data due to mistakenly deleting or formatting hard drive files. There are quite a lot of options to retrieve photos, videos and various documents from storage devices, which can be summarized as below:

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  • Restore from Backup. Try to remember if you have made one or more backups of the lost data in local disk drives or cloud storage services. It doesn’t have to be a full backup created intentionally. Actually, many people turn out to find their precious photos stored on another computer or USB flash stick.
  • Undelete files with software. If it is confirmed that there is valid backup, then a good data recovery soft will be an idea choice. The best data recovery software, Jihosoft File Recovery, can recover JPEG photos, MP4/MOV videos, MS Office documents and other 150 types of data from memory card, hard drive and pen drive efficiently. With a reliable software, you can recover lost files from hard drive other storage devices at acceptable cost.
  • Resort to physical labs for data recovery service. Laboratories could be your last resort where the engineers will check your physical disk drive with professional equipment. Data recovery services could work in various data loss conditions which are beyond the ability of other solutions. However, the cost of data recovery services is very expensive and the special tools are usually designed for hard disk drives, not other storage devices.

Part 2. When to Choose Hard Drive Recovery Services?

Though the analysis above, we know that data recovery service is really powerful, but it is not always the best choice given the cost, time and the fact that users must send the physical disk to a place hundred or thousand miles away. So, when exactly should we consider the choice of data recovery service?

  • Your attempts of data recovery have failed with all other methods.
  • The hard drive is not working normally, not even recognizable by a computer or physically damaged.
  • The missing files are so important for your business or study that you want to get them back at any budget.

Part 3. Best Data Recovery Services for Hard Drive

The top data recovery services listed below are hand-picked by reputation and professionalism. It is not necessary that everyone should choose their data recovery services from the list. We just hope to present them as a reference so that common users will have a rough expectation for such a service before making a plan.

Service Name Media Location Core Markets Pricing Clean Room
DriveSavers SSD, HDD, RAID, flash California Consumer and business About $2,000 ISO 5 Class 100
WeRecoverData SSD, HDD, external flash New York Home, small business Starting at $1,000 ISO 4 Class 10 and ISO 5 Class 100
SalvageData HDD, RAID, external flash New York Home, enterprise, small business $300 to $2,000 ISO 5 Class 100
Seagate SSD, HDD, RAID, external flash California Consumer $50 to engage, then pricing based on damage level
Ontrack SSD, HDD, RAID UK Consumer, enterprise, SMB About $1,000 ISO 5 Class 100

The data recovery laboratories mentioned above are not accessible for everyone due to the limitations of time and location. If you want to have your failed hard drive checked under your eyes, you can also search for data recovery studios nearby on the map. Nevertheless, whichever service you choose, make sure to check the following precautions.

Part 4. Precautions Before Sending out Your Hard Drive

Before you send out your hard drive for recovery or repair, make sure to check the following tips to avoid a permanent loss of data, time and money.

  • Back up the disk drive as an image file. Actually, this is the recommended operation before you take any actions on your hard drive. If the deleted data is overwritten by new ones, the files will be either irrecoverable or not complete even after successful recovery. A disk image will copy the storage device sector by sector, including the unused space which may contain the deleted files, so that there is still a chance in case the physical disk is modified or further damaged in the operations afterwards. Create Image is a built-in feature of Jihosoft File Recovery.
  • Carefully choose a reliable service provider. Professional data recovery laboratories have a series of procedures to create a safe environment, which can not be ensured in unqualified offices. It means that your hard drive could be further damaged by dust or wrong measures, resulting in permanent data loss. Never believe in the promise of 100% recovery!
  • Ask about the estimated price and read the agreement carefully if provided. Most of the reputable data recovery services promise “No data recovered, no payment charged.” However, you won’t like to pay a price higher than the value of your data. So, please describe the condition of your hard drive as detailed as possible so that the engineers would tell you the estimated price. Moreover, don’t trust verbal promises. Make sure to read the agreement or contract carefully to check if everything you’re caring about is written in black and white.

Bottom Line

Data recovery could be quite complicated, but there is no need to be panic as long as you follow the tips in this tutorial. With a valid full backup of the disk drive, you can have a free try with the best data recovery software at home. After that, data recovery service for hard drive will be your last resort. Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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