How to Read Manga Comics on your iPhone or iPad

The first thing we have to do is differentiate what a normal comic and manga are like. Although this topic can be very extensive we will focus on what interests us most, we will see how to read manga comics on your iPhone or iPad . Surely some of the applications sound like you are among the 10 best apps to read comics , but others are dedicated only to manga.

Manga comics are read from the last page and usually from right to left and from top to bottom. As you can see it is a very different way and so you can read manga comics from your iPhone or iPad, it is best to have an application that knows what type of comic you want to read .

Comic Zeal


This may be the king application for reading all kinds of comics, although of course it is paid. Even so you will enjoy each of the cents you pay for it. The app was one of the first to appear in the App Store for reading comics and takes many years of development and updates to buy on insurance. One of the most important features is that you can decide what type of comic you just sent to your bookstore . In addition, the sorting options are fantastic and the application can automatically organize all your comics for you. One of its best features lies in the possibility of sending your comics via Wi-Fi.

Download Comic Zeal

Manga Browser

manga browser

Reading manga comics in a dedicated application is fantastic and Manga Browser perfectly fulfills its mission. It is one of the most complete readers that you will find in the App Store, not only because of the possibility of reading your sleeves but also because you can download them directly from the app itself. The websites that are supported to download the comics are MangaFox.com, MangaEden.com, MangaReader.net . The features of the application are the normal and expected of any reader, vertical and horizontal reading, memory of the last page we read, etc. But the best thing about the app is that you can automate the downloads of your favorite comics as they become available on the web.

Download Manga Browser

Manga Collection MF

If you are looking for an application somewhat cheaper than normal and that allows the download of many manga comics , you have already found it. After the disappearance in the App Store of Manga Collection ES, which allowed the search and download of manga comics only in Spanish, you will have to look for them in the original app. The general interface is very simple and allows synchronization with iTunes in both directions. It will also remember the page you stayed on. The app complies with what it says at a lower price than its competitors.

Manga Rock

manga rock

The catalog that contains this free app for iPhone and iPad is really extensive, it also has sleeves in 7 different languages. Spanish is one of them and although it may not be the most numerous, it will satisfy the desire of manga of any fan. The main feature lies in the possibility of downloading a comic while reading another. Download the ones you want to be able to read them later when you run out of Internet connection . In addition the downloads work with the application running in the background, you can do anything on your device while preparing the sleeves that you will read later.

Go To Manga Rock

Storm sleeve

Manga Storm is a fantastic and free app that allows online reading of an extensive catalog of manga comics. You will not be able to download them, but you can organize the ones you have already read in a very orderly manner. A very good feature of this app lies in the possibility of choosing the specific mode for reading each comic in a unique way . You will not have to worry if a manga is read horizontally or vertically or in some atypical way, whenever you read a comic from that series the app will recognize it and put it to your liking.

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If you are tired of reading Marvel comics on your device , we show you how to read manga comics on your iPhone or iPad . The truth is that Japanese culture is very fashionable in our country and manga comics are very different from Westerners. Have you tried to get hooked on any series? Do you know any other good app?


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