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perfect wallpaper for your mobile

When we say that Android is a “free” operating system, we not only mean – but also – the possibility of choosing between hundreds of device models from dozens of different brands. Beyond that, the Google platform also offers us the possibility to modify the experience with our devices and make it totally unique, thanks to the various customization options available on Android.

In fact, the possibilities to modify and customize the different aspects of our favorite mobile operating system are so many that they can even overwhelm those who decide to start with Android. That’s why today we decided to create this guide, where we collect the most recommended tips and tricks to get the most out of Android’s customization capabilities, from the most basic to the most advanced.

Your Android, to your liking: learn to personalize your mobile step by step with these tips and tricks

Use the perfect wallpaper for your mobile

Choosing the right wallpaper can be a more difficult task than it seems at first glance. It is not enough to use any of the images stored in the phone gallery; If you really want the home screen of your mobile to be unique and attract the eyes of the rest, you should entertain yourself in looking for that image that is really suitable to give life to the desktop of the device.

Luckily, it is getting easier to find good funds. Without going any further, our weekly selection of mobile backgrounds is a good place to discover new wallpapers. It is also possible to use the Google search engine to find funds adapted to the screen of each device, and if you have a mobile with a notch , you can also find ingenious funds with which to hide the notch.

If, on the other hand, you prefer something more daring, you can use one of the many animated wallpapers for Android that exist on Google Play, and give greater dynamism to the home screen.

Change launcher

Change launcher

Whether you are a veteran of the Android universe or have just begun to explore the possibilities of this platform, a third-party launcher can unleash enormous potential when it comes to personalizing the experience with your mobile. At the time we talked about the launchers, both its operation and the best that can be downloaded from Google Play. Today, there are dozens of different launchers in the app store, although, among all of them, Nova Launcher is still the most popular and recommended both for its customization options, as for the little secrets and tricks it hides.

Even so, each of them has its own additions that can be more interesting depending on the needs of each one. I, for example, stopped using Nova Launcher to switch to the Lawnchair launcher, and since then I have not missed the app developed by TeslaCoil Software.

Find your new favorite icon pack

new favorite icon pack

Next to the launcher and the wallpaper, the icons of the applications are another of the simplest aspects to modify, but that will undoubtedly give a unique style to the system’s home screen. There are countless different icon packs in Google Play, and among all of them, we have selected our favorites. Even so, a simple search in the app store is enough to find hundreds of packs with different styles.

A trick to find and try good icon packs for Android is to stay tuned for the offers of apps that appear every week in Google Play Store, where normally some of the most famous icon packages suffer great discounts and even become fully available Free for a limited time.

Change the font of the letters

font of the letters

Although many often overlook this aspect, changing the style of the letters is a fantastic option to customize the appearance of the system in a simple way. There are several tools to change the system source, such as iFont or HiFont , although brands such as Samsung have this option already included in the software of their phones. In addition, some launchers also offer the possibility of modifying the font that accompanies application icons.

Logically, in addition to a tool to change fonts, you need a place to download them. Google has one of the largest directories of free fonts across the Internet, from which it is possible to download thousands of different font styles for free.

Widgets are still in fashion

Widgets are still in fashion

Along with the live wallpapers, the home screen widgets are one of the classic Android customization components, since they have been on the platform since their first versions. Today, there are great widgets with which to customize the home screen, such as Zooper Widget or KLGT.

Both applications allow you to add widgets of all kinds to the home screen of the system, and then create your own styles or use those of those designers who have decided to share their ideas through Google Play.

Get inspired by others

Get inspired by others

When you run out of ideas to customize the home screen of your mobile, it is best to look at the work done by other peopleMaybe you find the inspiration you needed to get the perfect configuration.

A good place to discover themes and customizations is the “AndroidThemes” subreddit, with more than 90,000 members who publish their best creations every day and share the resources used in terms of wallpapers, icons, widgets and much more, so that anyone can get the same result on your devices.

Get ahead of your mobile phone manufacturer: enjoy the latest Android news

latest Android news

Your mobile may never receive the latest version of the operating system, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy some of its best features. If, for example, your device is still anchored in Android 8 Oreo, you can use several applications to have the Android 9 experience without having the latest update.

Root, ROMs, Substratum and more

Root, ROMs, Substratum

You may have already mastered all the customization aspects discussed above to modify the look of your Android. If, even so, you are not completely satisfied with the final result, it is time to go further and enter the vast world of advanced Android, where you will have to familiarize yourself with concepts such as root, Custom ROMs, lock and unlock the bootloader and plus.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to access new customization options on Android is to use one of the many third-party ROMs that exist. Each of them has a unique style, and its creators – normally independent developers whose goal is to make Android an even more complete platform – include unique additions that we will not find in the original Android version.

Instead, it is also possible to fully customize the system interface without changing ROM. Substratum is the most famous custom theme engine that exists on Android and allows you to completely modify the appearance element by element, from the status bar and the notification panel to the menus and system applications. To do this, simply turn to one of the many themes that exist on Google Play.

As you can see, you don’t need too much to start to fully personalize your Android device. You just have to download a few applications and launch your imagination to get the configuration you want. Once you have achieved it, do not forget to share your creations with the world and thus inspire the rest of the Android user community to do the same.


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